Wriggly Woos Penygarn - Family support services

What we do

This is a stay and play group for families who’s child is starting the process of being diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum disorder. (ASD)The age range we work with is approximately 18 months - 4 years.

Who do we support

Wriggly woos supports families to access the most appropriate service to their needs. We have a holistic, multi-agency approach to our work to ensure that the child is at the centre of our planning. This is a referral only group.

Is there a charge to use this service?


Can anyone use this service?

This is a referral only group.

Service details for this family support services

Language: English only

  • Can provide specialist support for families of children with disabilities / additional needs Yes Please contact to discuss your child(s) needs further.
  • Relevant staff have a valid current DBS? Yes


 You can visit us here:

Penygarn Road

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  • Accessible parking
  • Access by ramps/level access

 Opening times

Friday 10.00am - 11.00am, 12.00pm-1.00pm