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Family Pathway -Supporting Vulnerable Learners - Education

What we do

Family Pathway works with young people who struggle with learning, including children who are looked after.

Challenges with learning happen for many different reasons. For example, due to trauma, invisible disabilities like dyslexia, ADHD, bullying, mental health difficulties, visual processing disorders, bereavement, living through a pandemic and many more. This impacts our ability to access and develop key skills we need for learning and to function in daily life.

We support individuals to enrich and develop these key skills. This builds confidence, resilience, motivation, productivity, independence, and we make happier life choices. This not only enhances learning, but also provides young people with a strong foundation for adulthood.

Is your child or young person disengaged? Detached? Struggling to achieve desired results or meeting academic expectations?

Family Pathway will work closely with the young person and their family, creating a bespoke plan of support.

Who do we support

We work with all learners and families.

All children through childhood and adolescence, right into their twenties and above who may find everyday expectations and tasks a struggle, such as:

-Keeping track of time
-Staying focused on a task
-Getting started on a task
-Negative attitude to learning
-Gaps in their knowledge
-Often get bored and disengaged
-Has low self-esteem and does not feel capable
-Can get withdrawn, particularly around matters to do with school
-Can get easily angry and starts to destroy personal items
-Maintaining positive relationships
-Attending school, college or university
-Completing homework, exams, tests, coursework
-Organisation at home and with personal care
-Has undiagnosed needs

Is there a charge to use this service?

Depends - Our service provides tailored support which is a paid service.

Families needing financial assistance are able to access gifted services upon application.

Please copy this link to see our table of services and costs:

Can anyone use this service?

This is open to all including via a professional service route.


 You can send post here:

Portland House, 113-116
Bute Street,
CF10 5EQ

 Opening times

Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 7pm