Dyspraxia Foundation Helpline - Family support services

What we do

The Dyspraxia Foundation is a country wide charity, founded in 1987 as the Dyspraxia Trust by two mothers who met at Great Ormond Street Hospital

Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), also known as dyspraxia, is a common disorder affecting fine and/or gross motor coordination in children and adults.

The Foundation seeks every opportunity to increase understanding of Dyspraxia, particularly among professionals in health and education and encourages its local groups to do the same. It continues to encourage the smaller local groups to thrive and develop their own ideas and to distribute information and fund raise for themselves.

Our helpline is available to help you with problems and issues you may encounter; offering help and advice to people with dyspraxia, parents, carers, and families about or on the subject of dyspraxia.

Who do we support

Parents, carers , adults and professionals.

Is there a charge to use this service?

Depends - Charge for becoming a member of the Dyspraxia Foundation. We offer 12 month rolling membership subscription. See our website for details.

Can anyone use this service?

Anyone can contact us directly.

Service details for this family support services

Language: English only

  • Can provide specialist support for families of children with disabilities / additional needs Yes Please contact to discuss your child(s) needs further. The Dyspraxia Foundation empowers individuals with dyspraxia, through comprehensive support and by raising awareness. We provide information, community support, and professional resources to individuals, families, and professionals, ensuring dyspraxia isn't a barrier but a pathway to realising full potential at every stage of life.
  • Relevant staff have a valid current DBS? Yes


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 Opening times

We are here Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm depending on volunteer availability