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Code Institute's 16 Week Coding Bootcamp (Online / Free / Full Time) - Education

What we do

Code Institute has partnered with leading college, Coleg Gwent, to help Unemployed Welsh learners kickstart a career as a software developer.

Our unique and structured approach has opened doors and generated jobs offer for 1000’s of students who have gone before you. As part of this bootcamp, learners who complete are guaranteed an interview with an employer in Wales.

Who do we support

For unemployed Welsh residents, this is a life-changing opportunity for those with little or limited technical experience.

This course is funded through Welsh Innovation.

The Welsh Government have identified priority sectors for which they wish to develop skills rapidly. Digital is a priority sector. Funding is provided for initiatives that convey skills in intensive bootcamps programmes with 35 hours of study per week.

The aim is to equip adults with skills required for hard-to-fill job vacancies in sectors experiencing skills shortages. Code Institute and Coleg Gwent, Wales largest further education provider are collaborating to deliver digital skills in software development to learners who want to enter the digital workforce.

Is there a charge to use this service?


Can anyone use this service?

Anybody can apply directly using the website link. Register your interest and you will be automatically enrolled in Code Institute's Free 5 Step Coding Challenge. This will help you determine if coding is a career for you. An education advisor will then contact you to discuss next steps.

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 Opening times

Monday to Friday, 09.00-17.30