Ranntastic - Parent and toddler / preschool activities

What we do

We provide a large range of classes for baby and toddlers in Torfaen and Gwent. These classes include Music & Movement classes, Baby Massage, Sensory & Messy Play classes, and Weekend classes. We also offer a range of special events throughout the year including Tummy Time Workshops, Baby & Toddler Raves, Teddy Bears picnic, Easter and Halloween specials and Christmas parties.

Who do we support

Our classes are for children aged between 0-4 years old and their parents/carers

Is there a charge to use this service?

Yes - Session costs vary but range between £3.50-£6 per class and are slightly cheaper if block booking

£3.50 per week for baby only music & movement classes
£5 per week music & movement for 0-4 year olds
£4.50 per week for Ranntatsic Little Artists
£45 for a 5 week baby massage course

Can anyone use this service?


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 Opening times

Monday 9.45am Music and movement Newport
Monday 1.15pm Music and movement Cwmbran
Tuesday 9.30am Little Artists Cwmbran
Wednesday 10.15 Tiddlers baby music and movement Cwmbran
Wednesday 11.15am Tiddlers baby music and movement Cwmbran
Thursday 9.30am Music and Movement Cwmbran
Thursday 11am Music and movement Cwmbran
Thursday 12.45pm Baby massage Cwmbran
Friday 10am Music and movement Newport
Saturday 10am Music and movement Cwmbran