Choose2Change - Family support services

What we do

Choose2Change is a service to increase the safety of victims of domestic abuse through working with the perpetrator. The service can work with perpetrators in both one-to-one setting and a group setting depending on the individuals and their location.

It is an intervention that includes assessment for suitability, a structured motivational programme and goal setting and is delivered over a minimum period of six months. So quite a commitment.

Support sessions are also provided for the partner or ex-partner to review risk and ensure there is a good understanding of the programme itself.

We welcome enquiries from anyone who wants to change their behaviour, anywhere in Wales.

Who do we support

Perpetrators of domestic abuse and their partners.

Is there a charge to use this service?

Depends - Please contact Relate Cymru on details below

Can anyone use this service?

You can refer yourself in confidence by completing the online referral form or phoning 0300 003 2340

Service details for this family support services

Language: Bilingual

  • Can provide specialist support for families of children with disabilities / additional needs No Please contact to discuss your child(s) needs further.
  • Relevant staff have a valid current DBS? No