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What we do

Finding the Light in Dementia provides a book, courses, training & a wellbeing hub for health & social care staff, families, friends and carers. Created by Dementia Nurse Consultant, Dr Jane M Mullins, people living with dementia, carers & leading professionals/researchers in the field via an online platform 24/7, 365 days a year. An independent evaluation conducted by Swansea University has shown that 100% of trainees agree that the training "SIgnificantly impacts on practice".
Delivered through films, podcasts, animations, soundscapes, presentations and activity books - Accessible enjoyable, sustainable. Mapped to Skills for Care & Good Work framework. A strong self development ethos underpins the whole of the training, including reflective practice & access to a Wellbeing Hub with self care & grief and bereavement resources - Helps develop a resilient, knowledgeable, confident & well workforce that will contribute to staff retention & support for families and carers.

Who do we support

Carers with people living with dementia
Health & Social Care staff/professionals
Voluntary and third sector staff
Emergency services

Is there a charge to use this service?

Yes - Access to the Finding the Light in Dementia Training and Wellbeing Hub is available as a subscription, please contact for more details

Can anyone use this service?

Anyone can refer

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 Opening times

Access to the training and wellbeing hub is online, therefore, 24/7, 365 days a year