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The Sunshine Movement - Children and young people's activities

What we do

Movement, music and sensory classes for children with disabilities associated with The Mini Movement company. Led by a paediatric physiotherapist.

Who do we support

Children with disabilities ages 3-18 and their families. There are two classes- one for wheelchair users and another for mobile children.

Is there a charge to use this service?

Yes - £5 per session (pay as you go)

Can anyone use this service?

Anyone can contact us directly.

Service details for this children and young people's activities

Language: English only

  • Can support children with disabilities / additional needs? Yes Please contact to discuss your child(s) needs further. Sessions are led by a specialist paediatric physiotherapist with years of expertise working with children with disabilities/additional needs. The classes are tailored for this cohort of children.
  • Relevant staff have a valid current DBS? Yes

Contact methods

Social media


 Opening times

Any time