Skodel - Education

What we do

Skodel is an end-to-end wellbeing service supported by leading
educational psychologists.

We empower people to increase their own wellbeing and
assist leaders in creating connected, protected and engaged cultures.

Check in during key moments to get proactive wellbeing data using
configurable templates designed by mental health and wellbeing
specialists. Empower everyone with automated support and coaching that helps them make positive changes.

Make wellbeing everyone's business with Skodel's wellbeing planning tools. Everyone in your school is supported to develop their own wellbeing plan. In contrast to programs, each plan is created by students.

Skodel insights manages your school's wellbeing reporting needs, providing clarity over emerging trends, flagging areas of success and concern. Use this to demonstrate your proactive approach to wellbeing to the wider community.

Skodel also integrates with My Concern.

Who do we support

School pupils, teachers, and school leaders.

Is there a charge to use this service?

Yes - Up to £3 per pupil on roll, per year

Can anyone use this service?

Anyone can contact us directly

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