Merthyr Tydfil Family Information Service

Returned a total of 204 services.

Childminder (3)

Childminders offer home-from-home childcare, offering a variety of play and learning experiences. Childminders can be flexible, offering part-time and full-time care, before and after school, wrap around (where they can drop off or collect your child from school), school holidays and may include evenings, weekends or overnight.

Day nursery (9)

Day nurseries offer full day care for up to ten hours a day and take children from birth onwards. Many day nurseries operate in premises that are used solely for the care of babies and children and will usually provide freshly prepared meals and snacks.

After school club (4)

After school clubs offers care outside of the child’s full time school day, running before school, after school and during the school holidays for children aged 3-11+ years. Some clubs that are not run by schools can collect children from their school at the end of the day.

Holiday club (4)

Holiday clubs offer a wide range of play activities for children during the school holidays. Some are run by schools, while others are run by private or voluntary organisations.

Breakfast club (3)

Breakfast clubs offers care outside of the child’s full time school day running before school. Breakfast clubs are usually run by schools. They provide a healthy breakfast for pupils and are particularly useful if your child arrives early at school.

Playgroups (13)

Playgroup, sometimes known as Preschool is childcare where children usually aged 2 years to school age are cared for, rather than care being provided for babies or toddlers. Cylchoedd Meithrin provide Welsh-Medium childcare for children usually aged 2 years to school age.


Crèche (0)

Crèches provide a service to parents by offering childcare to children from as young as six weeks and upwards.

Open Access Play

Open Access Play (0)

Open Access Play work settings are staffed by trained practitioners and may be operated by local authorities or community groups. They can be permanent or seasonal and take place in a variety of locations including adventure playgrounds, parks, community open spaces and buildings.

Family support services (113)

Family support services cover a range of support services, networks and facilities for parents and carers and young people to enhance their capacity to cope with the challenges of family life. These services also help children and young people reach their full potential. Family Support Services can be provided by the statutory, voluntary and private sectors.

Children and young people's activities (21)

A range of information about local clubs and activities for children and young people.

Parent and toddler / preschool activities (17)

Parent and toddler / preschool activities is an informal session where parents, carers, childminders, and their children can go to have fun and meet new people. Parents/carers stay with, and are responsible for their children throughout the session. Cylch Ti a Fi ( Welsh Language Parent and Toddler Groups) give families who don’t speak Welsh a great opportunity to use Welsh for the first time with their children.


Nannies (0)

A nanny works in your home, providing childcare for your family. They can provide flexible care to fit around your family’s circumstances or needs. Unlike childminders, nannies are not registered and inspected by CIW, although many choose to join The Approval of Home Childcare Providers (Wales) Scheme 2021.

School-based nurseries (1)

School based nurseries are aimed at pre-school children aged three to four years old. Children could attend a part-time funded education place at a school based nursery the term after their third birthday.

Education (16)

Information about school services delivered by the local authority. As well as other establishments for example colleges, universities, and training centres.

Specialist support for families of children with disabilities / additional needs (51)

A range of family support services that can provide specialist support to families of children with disabilities / additional needs.

Activities that support children with disabilities / additional needs (18)

A range of children and young people’s activities that can support children with disabilities / additional needs.