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Little Pips Tree Tots and Tree Babies - Parent and toddler / preschool activities

What we do

Tree Babies - each 90 minute session is a blend of babywearing, mindfulness, forest bathing, breathing techniques, journaling, creativity and gratitude. There is a tea and gratitude ceremony for the last 30 minutes, where you are free to chat and tend to your little ones. Herbal tea and hot chocolate is provided - just remember to bring along a lidded travel mug. Suitable for babies up to around 12 months of age ideally carried in slings

Tree Tots - Tree Tots is the perfect session for little ones who don't want to sit still or follow the structure of a formal class. This is a special hour for you both, and together you will explore, stomp, splash in muddy puddles, hide amongst trees and run free in big open spaces. Please ensure that your Tree Tot is dressed appropriately for our wonderful Welsh weather, and bring along a suitable drink and snack.

Is there a charge to use this service?

Yes - Tree Babies - £7 for mum and baby
Tree Tots - £5 per family

Booking is essential, please visit Little Pips website for details.


 You can visit us here:

The Lodge
Caldicot Castle
NP26 5JB

Contact methods

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 Opening times

Tree Babies - Wednesday mornings 10am - 11:30am.

Tree Tots - Wednesday afternoons 2pm - 3pm