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Riprap - Family support services

What we do

This site is developed especially for teenagers who have a parent with cancer. In riprap, you can learn more about cancer and its treatment and through real stories you can read the experiences of other young people and share your own story.

Many in your situation feel alone with what they're going through and longing for someone who really understands. You can 'talk' to others in the discussion forum or have a look at personal stories to share experiences with other young people in similar situations.

Also, feel free to get in touch if you have any questions that are not answered by the information on the site. You can also get in touch if you would like any advice or emotional support in relation to what you are going through at the moment. Riprap has a team of support specialists with lots of experience in cancer care to talk things through or help you find the support you need locally or elsewhere.

Who do we support

Teenagers who have a parent with cancer.

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Service details for this family support services

Language: English only

  • Able to support children with disabilities No
  • Are staff DBS checked? No