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Cardiff Steiner School Kindergarten - School-based nurseries

What we do

Cardiff Steiner Kindergarten is part of Cardiff Steiner School, an independent Steiner Waldorf school for boys & girls aged 3 to 18.
Kindergarten offers an holistic and nurturing, Early Years Education for ages 3 to 6, covering the ages of pre-school, nursery, Reception and Year 1.
In an increasingly fast-paced world, we believe that an unhurried approach to early childhood offers the healthiest and strongest foundation for children’s academic, social, and personal growth.
In line with Europe (& 88% of nations worldwide) our carefully designed, pre-school, play-based programme builds foundational skills that allow children to flourish through school and beyond.
In the homely, caring environment of Kindergarten children are given the freedom to enjoy childhood. Your child learns through play, exploration and the world around them, discovering and developing without pressure, as their intellectual capacities naturally awaken. It’s a gentle introduction to school and the wider world.

Who do we support

Kindergarten is open for all children age 3 to 6. Children join our Kindergartens from a variety of settings for a unique Early Years Education they cannot find elsewhere.

For some it is their first step away from home and the family, others join us as a next step after nursery, pre-school, childminders or other childcare.

Families choose us as a gentle introduction to school, and though most decide to stay on to our Lower School, we welcome children who plan to move on to their local or other school setting or home-schooling.

Kindergarten runs Monday to Friday 9.00-1.00, with optional Wraparound Care from 8.00 to 3.30, 4.30 or 6.00.

Is there a charge to use this service?

Yes - We operate a two tier fees structure with lower fees for families on a combined income of under £45,000 per year. Attendance can be very flexible. Example attendance Monday 9.00-3.30, Tuesday 9.00-4.30, Wednesday 8.00-6.00. Please ask us for a personal illustration of fees.

Daily equivalent examples:

- Half Day 8.00-1.00 from £36.74 to £42.58 per day.
- Full Day 9.00-3.00 from £41.26 to £49.44 per day.
- Extended Day 8.00-6.00 from £55 to £63.26 per day.

Can anyone use this service?

No referral necessary


 You can visit us here:

Hawthorn Road West
Llandaff North
CF14 2FL

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  • Accessible toilets
  • Access by ramps/level access

 Opening times

Monday to Friday 8.00am to 6.00pm Term Time