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What we do

Most people today have heard the term ‘baby blues’ used to describe a mild, short, period of depression which many women experience after childbirth. Fewer people are aware that as many as 10% of all recently delivered women develop postnatal depression. You are not alone in suffering.

The Association for Post-Natal Illness is the leading organisation in its field. It:
- Provides support to mothers suffering from post-natal illness
- Increases public awareness of the illness
- Encourages research into its cause/nature.

Provides information, advice and support nationwide to women suffering from post natal illness, carers and professionals. Database of volunteers who have recovered from post natal illness who can support current sufferers.

Who do we support

All calls are confidential and none are ever recorded. Some mothers are very reluctant to admit that they feel unable to cope or that they have unpleasant and unwanted thoughts that distress them. These symptoms are common with depression and we understand how distressing they are.

Our staff will do everything that they can to help you and they will be able to offer you information and reassurance.

We understand that most women affected with post-natal depression feel isolated in their suffering and we do want to assure you that we hear from more than 9,000 women every year who are suffering similarly. Please remember you will get better.

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