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Little Bees with Alison - Parent and toddler / preschool activities

What we do

Little Bees with Alison offers friendly, relaxing & supportive classes for parents & carers to attend with their little ones.

Run by Alison, a primary school teacher of 16 years & fully accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, Embody/CThA & IPTi to teach infant massage & yoga.

Bay-bee Massage: Develop the special bond between you and your baby as you enjoy a shared loving experience.

Bay-bee Yoga: Enhance the bonding process for you and your baby in our relaxing yoga classes.

Bees & Teas: Join us for songs, stories & sensory play. Then afterwards relax with tea and cake while your baby plays.

Is there a charge to use this service?

Yes - Please get in touch to discuss prices.

Contact methods

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 Opening times

Wednesday mornings at Undy Memorial Hall.

Thursdays at Little Dinos Role Play Centre, Usk.

Online course also available.

Please contact for details of times and ages.