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Sweaty Mama Abergavenny - Parent and toddler / preschool activities

What we do

Fun fitness classes to enjoy with your baby,child or bump run by a level-3 pre and post-natal fitness specialist. Rehabilitate your core and pelvic floor whilst improving strength, fitness levels and bonding with your child. Make friends for life at a variety of pre and post natal fitness classes with movement and music both you and your baby will love.

Is there a charge to use this service?

Yes - Prices from £40 for 6 weeks.

Contact methods

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 Opening times

Sweaty Mama: Monday 10am Llanfoist Village Hall
Thursday 9.30am Abergavenny Community Centre

Mamilates with Baby: Monday 11am Llanfoist Village Hall

Mamilates with Bump: Saturday 10am Little Green Refills Shop, Market Street