Gwasanaeth Gwybodaeth I Deuluoedd - Family Information Service

ME Association and ME Connect helpline - Family support services

What we do

We provide information, support, education and training to benefit people with ME (myalgic encephalopathy), CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and PVFS (Post viral fatigue syndrome); professionals and all others interested in the illness. The aim is to support people with ME/CFS through all stages of their illness.

– ME/CFS is hard to accept. And those who do not accept their illness rarely recover. So we help people understand and come to terms with their illness.
– We help people get the diagnosis and medical help they need.
– We help people struggling to cope practically, emotionally and financially. We work to shield them from remedies that offer false hope.
– We help people explain their illness to disbelieving relatives, colleagues and friends.
– We campaign and speak out for those who can’t defend themselves.

ME Connect is our flagship helpline service offering support and information to anyone affected by M.E.

Who do we support

People affected by M.E.throughout the UK, including their families, carers and the health and social care professionals who support them.

Is there a charge to use this service?


Can anyone use this service?

Anyone can contact us directly.

Service details for this family support services

Language: English only

  • Able to support children with disabilities No
  • Are staff DBS checked? No


 You can send post here:

The ME Association
7 Apollo Office Court
MK18 4DF

 Opening times

Available every day of the week between these times:
10am - 12noon,
2pm - 4pm and
7pm - 9pm